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Environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. We do our best to ensure our impact on the environment is negligible and ideally beneficial to the environments we work in during our activities.

Check out some of our various environmental sustainability initiatives below!


Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, we host our Humber Valley Cleanup. This is a free event where we supply canoes, garbage bags, gloves, drinks, snacks and more to all participants who help cleanup garbage left in the Humber valley and its waterways.

a man with a small boat in a body of water
nalgene water bottles


However you’ll need a bottle;)

We supply free water from our coolers on-site at all of our events, however you’ll need a bottle! Looking for a bottle? We have industry standard “Nalgene” reusable water bottles available for sale on-site in many exciting colours!


Our Humber River location is open May until the late fall, during which time our guides do a site-wide cleanup where they locate and remove any garbage or hazardous materials that are found. During our many guided tours our helpful guides are constantly removing garbage they find along their trips.

a man standing next to a body of water
a group of people walking down a dirt road


Our staff are trained on their responsibility to the environment and how to leave as little footprint as possible. We encourage our staff to pass on their knowledge to thousands of paddlers who join us every season enabling them to in turn be conscious of their impact and how to minimize it. We’ve had tens of thousands of paddlers join the past 20 years, during which time we’ve seen the Humber River go from a little known dirty river to a real part of the Toronto community where anyone can go to enjoy a slice of nature in the city!

Have an idea about something we can implement or do better at? Let us know! Email or call us at 416-536-2067 (Wed-Sun 9-5).